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Toast Living launches HAND collection for drip-filter coffee connoisseurs

Homeware brand Toast Living has partnered with Hong Kong studio Milk Design to create a five-piece ceramic, glass and copper-coloured homewarerange for coffee lovers. Milk Design's HAND collection features a coffee dripper, glass carafe, wooden-lidded kettle, and trio of mugs in pink, dark blue and light blue.

The set's cone-shaped copper-coloured wire dripper has been designed to hold paper filters, and rests neatly in the top of the carafe. Angled spokes keep the filter in place, while a small tab on the side allows it to be removed when brewing is finished.

"You can control the speed and temperature perfectly with the HAND dripper as it is not easily blocked by coffee powder," said Toast Living. "The coffee flavour made by this dripper is light and balanced."


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