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Trend 2016 : Providence-Olive is the new BLACK by Benjamin Moore

Observing kitchen design trends from year to year can be all about nuanced changes, and kitchen trend spotting for 2016 is no different. A big expense and a long-term investment in function and style for most homeowners, kitchen fashion trends tends to be slower to change than general interior design.

Oversized Yet Invisible

As the kitchen becomes kissing cousins with surrounding rooms, large scale design elements are moving into the kitchen. Oversized lighting fixtures continue as a trend. A single wall is featured with a strong or dark color, creating a sense of place and giving a natural dimension to the space. ​Extended tables are everywhere. ​Wall-sized printed murals of a photograph, a personal design element, adds emotion to this mostly utilitarian space. Windows and kitchen islands continue to be large in size, a response to a seamless visual connection and social needs of the open floorplan.

Leading lines in kitchen cabinetry continue to be simple, straight and clean. I see an even more modern aesthetic, and a chunkier look than last year, but at the same time, I see the mixed message of strong texture and warmth which serves to hold the aesthetics back from an uber sleek look. For these styles, we continue to see a simple elegance – less is more, especially in small kitchens. ​ Cabinetry clearly has more of a furniture connotation whether modern or traditional, due to the desire for an open floorplan.​ Concealed work stations are trending more than in previous years

Now it’s time to drill down to the details

Before you shop for appliances and choose the material for your countertops, make sure you have a well-thought-out plan for your kitchen renovation. You should identify goals and priorities, with the help of your completed Day in the Life of Your Kitchen Questionnaire and Kitchen Goals Worksheet. You also should have a clear vision of what your new kitchen will look like, after exploring various kitchen designs and layouts. Finally, you should carefully plan out space and storage.

Now it’s time to drill down to the details of your kitchen remodel. It’s best to choose all of the appliances, materials and finishes down to the hardware before the project begins. That way, you will have a truly realistic idea of how much the project will cost. (Allowances can quickly get out of hand.)

You’ll get a real feel for what’s available in the market, and you can talk to the professionals who work there about your ideas and what products will achieve your goals.With your goals, floor plan and budget in mind, consider all of the possibilities you can include in your kitchen and focus on choices that meet your needs.

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