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Design has always been an intrinsic part of White Panel’s ethos of production. By constantly striving to satisfy our customers’ needs, we have as a company always focused our stylistic and technical research on totally down-to-earth projects aimed at guaranteeing optimum quality.


Continuous research into style always aims to successfully interpret contemporary living trends and come up with the freest possible approach to choose from what is on offer.


White Panel’s search for innovation is a rigorous testing ground, where design solution are studied prior to being realized in such a way that ‘standard line’ quality is often invisible.


Modular systems for instance are the outcome of constant research regarding technically and product types: lines evolve freely, are enriched and adopt new solutions but always stand the test of their own reliability.



White Panel’s selection of high-quality materials for its articles is absolutely pivotal. The quality of the raw  materials used determines the collection’s aesthetic excellence, with the use of the very best overlay, a vast range of varnish colours and highly stylish pressuring layers.


At the same time the search for high-quality materials is also converned with their reliability and longevity. To this end White Panel uses only certified heavy-duty mechanism. All panes are made of tempered safety glass, which is 5 times more resistant than normal glass. Our panels are made of high-pressure lamination which is highly resistant to wear and tear, scratches, heat and water.


White Panel’s operational units are run so as to guarantee within the hardwares, fittings and accessories’ top quality.


Working methods which respect the care and attention of true craftsmen, combined with continual fittings innovation of production lines.


White Panel's commercial moreover takes full advantage of networking facilities: so it has been possible to build up a real network providing customers with maximum reliability and, at the same time, reasonable delivery times.

White Panel takes great pains to ensure that its products will stand the test of time by functioning well and guaranteeing maximum quality.


Mechanical parts come in for special scrutiny: drawer guides for example undergo tests for 100,000 opening and closing operations. Similarly, cupboard door hinges are tested for 200,000 openings – as if you were opening a cupboard 8 times a day, every day for …68 years!


The solidity over time of end results is guaranteed by design quality: high-level modular system engineering is combined with the high standard of materials used, providing the surety of the perfect blending of each single item. Perfect door movement is thus guaranteed as well as the structure’s correct weight distribution.

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