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       from a dream to reality...       

White Panel creates synonymous with first-class quality look of today's luxury lifestyle. From continent to continent, each in White Panel's case, culminates each of every result of a unique and sensitive response to location, country, and client vision. With our specialized designers around the offices, White Panel's international presence, combined with its extensive knowledge of the design industry, has facilitated the ability to rewrite the language of design with each new project.


White Panel's offers the client specialized design solutions. The studio provides clients with a full spread of related services.

At White Panel Studios, each project is approached holistically utilizing the client as a sounding board in the interpretation of each design concept.


White Panel's comprehensive production range carries with it the design idea of a stylistically compatible component parts; thanks to the exceptional versatility of its modular systems. Aethetic yet practical designs, quality materials and finishes, brand prominence in the market, White Panel aims higher and higher with each passing day. Being the best means even more improvements, more hard work, more competition – and we are extremely excited about it.


Start to plan your desires with your wps partner who will be pleased to provide you with expert assistance. Together, you can make your dream space come true, that reflects your very own personal lifestlye.

       one thing's for sure;

White Panel Studios...       

Things change and evolve all the time. What was once just a hearth is now a place where innovations gather. Yet with so many options to choose from on the kitchen market, there's no longer any clear picture of what's available.


This is where; White Panel brand stands out, providing clear direction and guidance just like it always has done. Because building on a long tradition, White Panel understands how to combine the latest technologies and contemporary trends in a way that's second to none. Meeting the highest quality standards, the choice selection of kitchens gives the consumer clear direction.


Whatever you are planning for your home, one decision is clear from the start. Because with an exclusive wps+collections, you can rest assured you've made the right choice - even before the first brick is in place.

This feeling is also reflected it to the question of the right design, ends the search for the quality you are looking for, and formulates a thought that's only too familiar to any proud owner of an wps+collections:


White Panel Studio. 



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