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"To my eyes, these are protective, it's easy to live with," says Creative. Collected by White Panel

The most intriguing thing about this apartment, though, is the fact that she chose to decorate it all in it. Many painters before her have discovered that in reality, it has infinite textures and colours. Here, there is a touch of grey, there of brown, copper, elsewhere an element of blue. "That which we call "modern posh" has a surprising richness," says Creative.


The walls, for example, do not have absolutely the same appearance. Their tones change depending on whether they are vertical or angled wooden grain at sides, coated in paint or covered in tensioned lamination, exposed to the light or concealed in the shadows. In the home of this fabolous apartment, monochrome does not signify uniform - or boring.


And. to boot, everything was done to give the materials a soft, satin, reassuring appearance. "To my eyes, these are protective, it's easy to live with," says Creative."There's nothing sad or morbid about it, and it makes for a magnificent background for objects. In this apartment, everything is glowing, even including the handkerchiefs and the toilet paper!"

Creative is evidently drawn to these in his choice of the build-in furnitures, but equally, he has introduced certain subtle - and welcome - colourful elements. There's an ensemble of furnitures by Creatives in wood - in tones of the shades - by WPS. Not to mention the lights that, on these background, add shimmering highlights of gold/copper to this intriguingly beautiful space.//



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