White Panel works are synonymous with first-class quality look of today's luxurious lifestyle. From continent to continent, each White Panel's work and creation, culminates unique and sensitive response to locality, cultures, country, and most importantly clients' taste and visions. With White Panel's hands-on, experienced and discerning specialized designers from around the region; accentuated with our extensive knowledge of designing industry know-hows and trends, we can readily facilitate to (re)write the language of design in any new project entrusted to us.


White Panel Studio offers our clients specialized design solutions. The studio also provides clients with full-fledged related services. 

Each project is a warm and exciting journey. Approach holistically, listening and utilizing our client's thoughts throughout as a sounding board in the interpretation of each project and design concept. One of its top interior designer in KL | SG | TPE.



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strategies upbringing boldness of each individuals' approach

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